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Trending Videos from Floodgate

What if your media celebrates the resurrection AND gives a voice to the COVID-19 crisis? These videos do both.

What Hasn't Changed

With COVID-19, this Easter will be different than any other we’ve experienced. Yet in the middle of all the changes, there are still some things that haven’t changed. This is a day to celebrate the God who never changes.

$9.75 (code: HeIsRisen2020)

What Hasn't Changed

Our online church gatherings will be filled with people who are okay, and people who are not. This Easter prayer will become a voice for both groups, and connect them to a God who hears their cry.

$9.75 (code: HeIsRisen2020)

Easter Colors Countdown

As people are tuning into your online services from their living rooms, help prepare them as they wait for everything to start. This countdown features beautiful scenes from nature, along with an engaging musical underscore.

$5.19 (code: HeIsRisen2020)

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