The Floodgate Team

Meet the people who are blessed to be partnering together with your church.


Ally Russell

Social Media and Marketing Director, Customer Service

Ally leads all of Floodgate's efforts to stay in touch with the pastors we serve. She received her BA from California Baptist University, and lives in Southern California with her husband and son.


Phillip Bergman

Video Creator, Animator, Camera, Director of Photography

Phillip works simultaneously in the worlds of editing, filming, and animating. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Film from Fresno State University and currently resides in Fresno, CA. 


Lorrie Regehr

Finances, Customer Service, Production Assistant

Lorrie has been with Floodgate since it's birth. She carries the ongoing financial responsibilities, and helps Ally with customer support. Lorrie helps us find actors and locations, and lives with her family in Clovis, CA. 


Gary Molander

Owner & President, Content Writer, Leadership

Gary is the Founder of Floodgate Productions. He served as a pastor for 17 years, and earned his Masters of Arts in Creative Ministry. Gary lives in Nashville with his wife Angela, and is a father and grandfather.